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Film & TV

Power your project with reliable and optimal energy systems

You create pieces of art in a pressured, dynamic and budget constrained environment. Transforming your energy supply may therefore not be at the top of the priority list. However ambitious targets are set and action is required to achieve them.

How to determine what system fits and how to navigate between all the different suppliers in the market?
Start with exploring your energy profile and the possibilities today, supported by experts.

Some of our projects

Sustainable power for reality TV

ITV, the British television network, recently made the switch from a diesel generator to a hybrid solution with a battery system the film set of Love Island in Gran Canaria. This decision was driven by a desire to reduce costs, improve air quality, and increase reliability. ​

Read here how a film set was powered by a hybrid battery system set-up

Clean mobile power in the middle of Amsterdam

Our customer Nomi was notified by the grid operator that their grid reinforcement was delayed with fourteen weeks or more, just before the restaurant wanted to open their doors.

Read here how Skoon filled in this gap in the grid with clean and silent power.

Silent power for a refugee shelter in Tiel

Due to the war in the Ukraine, many refugee shelters had to be set in various municipalities in the Netherlands to provide a first home to the refugees.

After having fled your country you don’t want to live next to a constantly running diesel generator.

See here how Skoon helps to provide silent temporary power