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We power your ambition

Together with hundreds of businesses, Skoon’s rental platform provides electricity to ambitious projects. The platform is used to rent energy systems, monitor your fleet and manage your rentals online.


Power wherever you are

On Skoon’s Marketplace you can always book energy that suits your needs. From battery systems, solar panels to hydrogen fuel cells, book all your energy systems in one place.


Power for your industry

No matter where you work, you can power your ambitious project using clean energy systems. Select your industry to find out more.

Generator for rent to your construction site

Electrification is driving the construction industry toward zero-emission sites. We help find clean energy for every construction site that is looking to rent clean generators to meet the goals towards zero-emission. We provide mobile solar fields, advanced batteries, electric generators and supplementary HVO diesel generators for support.

Clean energy solutions for your construction sites

Silent energy generator for Film & TV

In industries driven by creativity, where the creation of art unfolds in fast-paced, and budget-conscious settings, your energy system should be the least of your problems. Skoon has helped many film sets to rent a silent generator and cut diesel consumption via electric generators, batteries and solar panels instead. It is now easy to decrease carbon emissions just by selecting our energy systems. However you want it, we pave the way to sustainable filmmaking.

Sustainable energy supply for films and productions

Industrial sites in need of clean energy

As fossil fuel prices have reached record highs and are currently volatile, it is expensive to rely on a diesel generator or wait for grid connections to be expanded. Clean energy systems offer a cost-efficient and sustainable alternative for a range of industrial applications, from charging small hand tools to powering an entire industrial site.

Green energy solutions for industrial sites

Grid services and balancing allow more clean energy on the grid

Grid connection reinforcements, when there is grid congestion, are often delayed or not available at all. To drive your business continuity and growth, Skoon selects clean energy systems driven by electricity to boost your grid connection.

A transmission tower: grid connection system

Solar generators and batteries for emergency aid

In the case of natural disaster, the energy infrastructure is often affected. With clean energy generators the restoration will go faster and in a more humane way. We have both solar generators and mobile batteries from 5-500kVA. Silent and independent of diesel. Especially in these situations, relying on fossil fuels is not an optimal solution. Skoon supports aid organisations and response teams to source silent and clean energy systems.
Clean energy systems for emergency aid

Maritime equipment for clean energy

The maritime industry, one of the most energy intensive industries, is facing the challenge of transitioning from conventional fossil power sources to sustainable power as the port equipment. As the regulations soon prohibit the use of fossil powered engines, the maritime industry must embrace alternative mobile energy systems. We support this mission in deploying clean energy systems for applications as shore power, power for inland vessels, ship repair, backup generators and more.

Energy systems for ports

Events that are in need of a clean generator for rental

Powering an event can be challenging if it is not connected to the electricity grid or only has a small grid connection available. Finding the complete sustainable solution set-up to provide that unforgettable experience to visitors is key. The clean energy systems for rental on Skoon’s marketplace translate power plans into sustainable energy set-ups to pave the way to green and healthy events.

Green energy solutions for events
Ultimate flexibility

Global flexibility for our local electricity grids

Skoon is the flexible layer of the electricity grid. Our Marketplace partners are based around the world and we enable access to megawatts of flexible energy systems to businesses and projects of all sizes.


Product types


CO2 savings to date


Countries with local supply

Energy Tools

We work with the most ambitious energy users

We have helped many customers power their film sets, restaurants, events, construction sites, and various other applications with clean mobile power. Our team of experts continuously research and analyse data to bring you the most accurate and relevant information.

Contact energy experts


‘ITV Studios have worked with Skoon on several successful projects since 2021. They have always managed to match our power demands with the right suppliers so that we can power our shows in cleaner, greener ways.’


40.000 kg CO2 savings every month


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‘Skoon helped the Municipality of Tiel secure the energy supply for the refugee shelter in the Municipality of Tiel with a hybrid energy system. By using this system, the operating times of the diesel generator was reduced by up to 85%, which is silent and saves emissions.’


85% reduction in diesel generator time


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Skoon enables us to give our customers great service. We can easily see a potential problem through the monitoring system which allows us to contact the specific customer before anything happens.


+200% fleet growth


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Hybrid battery for a reality TV production in Gran Canaria

City of Tiel (NL) strongly reduced diesel costs while improving living conditions for Ukrainian families

Lights, Camera, Sustainability – A Case Study of a film production in London

Software platform for clean mobile energy

Every product is unique on its own, the real magic happens when you use them together

Skoon’s software not only helps you find the right energy system to power your ambition. It also provides all the tools you need to book, manage and report on your entire energy project.


Book a fitting system, locally

Wherever you are, there is always a fitting energy system available, locally. This saves costs and emissions, while making sure you are powered, always.

Skoon's Marketplace platform: rent or buy energy systems

Decision tool

Make decisions, based on data

Make decisions using large sets of data, from your and Skoon’s experience combined. This reduces the risk of blackouts or high rental costs.

Your energy profile


Everything in one place, finally

Reporting on energy usage and costs from one place allows for much better insights. Finally, it is now possible to combine all information into one actionable reporting structure.

Emissions monitoring system
Skoon's Marketplace platform: rent or buy energy systems
Skoon's platform for matching energy needs with sustainable energy solutions
Energy reporting interface in Skoon

Energy Rental Management

Your fleet deserves the best management

Manage your clean energy rentals from order to cash. The unique combination of commercial and live energy data unlocks insights into your business and fleet performance. Skoon’s tools enable customer satisfaction with attractive reporting tools and actionable insights you can use to support your customer.


Live energy data

Only happy customers, thanks to attractive and intuitive online monitoring and notifications.


Booking management

Always on time and up-to-date with centralised and specialised booking management tools



Satisfied customers with attractive reports on their emission savings, energy usage and cost savings.


All booking and energy data in one platform

Your ambitious project deserves the best platform so using clean energy is simple and rewarding.


Decision tool

You want to compare all options so you can make an informed decision. Our tools can help.


Energy report

You look for tangible data on your energy usage, emission savings and cost savings. Our energy reports can help.


Rental management

Live monitioring insights and notifications to every colleague involved makes sure your ambitious project always has power.