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Renting a battery, hydrogen, solar, or hybrid system differs from traditional fossil fuel-based generator rentals. Exactly for that reason, Skoon has a range of software solutions to facilitate customers’ transitions towards sustainable energy supply. This blog will provide you with an overview of a typical customer journey, with you in the main role, to sustainably power your ambitious project! 

You are likely familiar with Skoon’s mission – to connect the demand for mobile energy with the availability of clean energy systems. Our objective is simple: to make clean energy accessible to everyone. While technology, including automation, software algorithms, tools, and data analysis, plays a crucial role, it’s essential to recognize the significant human element involved. 

Understanding the Process: Your Role in a Construction Scenario 

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a construction site manager. Your task is to set up EV charging points, overseeing three electric excavators, a base camp with climate control, and the ever-reliable coffee maker. However, there’s a catch – no access to the electricity grid. This is where the need for mobile energy arises. 

You are used to working with conventional energy systems, and energy terms such as kW, kWh, amperage, and voltage are not the language you usually speak.

Your Journey: Seeking Guidance from Skoon’s Experts 

While you may be well-versed in construction matters, understanding the complexities of energy dynamics might be uncharted territory. You are therefore looking for a space that provides you with one overview of all green energy system possibilities. 

Skoon's Marketplace display

Skoon’s Marketplace

Options and Expertise: From Digital Choices to Expert Assistance 

On Skoon’s platform, a range of options awaits. For those experienced in the realm of clean energy solutions, selecting an energy system is straightforward. However, if you’re new to this or dealing with unfamiliar energy requirements, Skoon’s team of energy experts is available to guide you. 

Using this information, our software matches you with an appropriate energy system. 

Contact our team to discuss your specific project!

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Economic and Environmental Considerations: Navigating Clean Energy Options 

In today’s context, clean energy not only has environmental benefits but can also be financially sound. Our analysis takes into account generator specifications, energy requirements, and eco-friendly configurations, presenting you with comprehensive comparisons between the fossil and sustainable scenarios.  

These considerations extend beyond finances to encompass environmental impact, providing you with insights into potential CO2 savings. 

Skoon's Energy Configurator dashboard

Skoon’s Energy Configurator

Securing the Arrangement: Initiating Your Energy Solution 

Upon your confirmation, the chosen energy system is secured using our rental management platform, Skoon Suite, which is a central platform that ensures smooth operations for Skoon and its rental suppliers.  

Real-Time Insights: Empowering Your Control 

Through Skoon Suite, you gain real-time insights into your energy usage, enabling informed decisions and efficient management. 

Skoon live data platform

Live monitoring of your energy system

Conclusion: Wrapping Up the Experience 

After weeks (or months to years), your energy arrangement comes to an end. Skoon provides you with a comprehensive report that outlines your energy journey, including environmental impact.  

Skoon's Energy Reporting

Skoon’s Energy Reporting

An Evolving Journey: Continuous Improvement 

This is Skoon’s ongoing story – a process that evolves with each energy interaction. We continuously refine our offerings based on insights and data gained from previous and similar projects. 

Start your clean energy journey today!

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Why should I consider renting a battery, hydrogen, solar, or hybrid system instead of a traditional fossil fuel generator for my project?

Renting clean energy systems offers both environmental and economic advantages. They can be more eco-friendly and financially sound compared to conventional generators.

How can Skoon help me in my transition to sustainable energy for my construction project?

Skoon provides a range of software solutions and expert guidance to assist you in selecting the right energy system for your specific needs, making the transition to sustainable solutions smoother and more efficient.

What if I’m not familiar with clean energy systems or energy terminology?

Skoon’s platform offers options for both experienced users and those new to clean energy. You can rely on Skoon’s team of energy experts to guide you through the process and ensure you make the right choice.

Can you explain how Skoon’s rental management platform, Skoon Suite, works?

Skoon Suite secures the chosen energy system and provides real-time insights into energy usage, enabling you to efficiently manage your project’s energy needs throughout the rental period.

What happens at the end of the rental period, and how can I assess the environmental impact of my energy arrangement?

Skoon provides a comprehensive report at the end of the rental period, outlining your energy journey and its environmental impact. This information helps you understand the sustainability of your project and make future improvements.