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Power your business with clean, reliable energy rentals

Looking for a reliable and sustainable energy solution for your project? Look no further than Skoon - the biggest online marketplace for clean mobile energy. Our platform offers a complete overview of all available clean energy solutions, including batteries, hydrogen generators, and other mobile clean energy assets, from industry-leading suppliers. With Skoon, you can easily find and rent the perfect energy solution for your specific needs, helping you to achieve your sustainability goals and reduce your carbon footprint. Join us today and discover the power of clean mobile energy!

Always an available system

Due to the large availability of systems, Skoon can always find a system that matches your needs.  

Monitor all your clean energy projects

Skoon connect with every clean energy system to provide clean energy users with important insights such as the temperature and charge level.

Support from the Skoon energy experts

The Skoon team of energy experts is here to help. Don’t know what clean energy system you need? Or a complex project with many energy input or output sources? We’re ready to help.

Skoon is a great platform with knowledge of all kinds of energy systems and the different markets they are in. Skoon is fast in communication and they offer the right kind of support during all stages of the project. Thanks to Skoon, this event has been powered by clean energy for 95%.

Hein van den HoogenProduction leader Event Agency Nijmegen

The team at Skoon have a wealth of knowledge and experience and clearly understand what our production teams need, and have always guided us towards finding the best value solutions.

Phil HoldgateHead of production sustainability

Skoon helped the Municipality of Tiel secure the energy supply for the refugee shelter in the Municipality of Tiel with a hybrid energy system. By using this system, the operating times of the diesel generator was reduced by up to 85%, which is silent and saves emissions.

Cor RibbersProject manager at Gemeente Tiel

Optimise your system selection based on data

Skoon transforms your energy data into smart energy profiles and matches the best system(s), balancing between logistical costs, technical fit and price.

  • Understand your energy data with Skoon’s tools and support
  • Get insight into your business case and compare with costs of conventional setups
  • Always a system available for the lowest possible logistical costs

Tap into the wealth of energy data

Skoon connects with all energy assets on the Skoon platform. This allows our customers to see their energy data and automatically receive notifications when actions need to take place.

We store your energy profile, so that we know exactly what system suits your need time after time.

  • Optimise on your energy data and swap systems via the marketplace if needed
  • Automatically receive notifications and act e.g. when temperature or capacity limits are exceeded
  • Get reports on your clean energy rental and directly feed your energy savings into your business

One booking, multiple suppliers

Tired of jugging multiple suppliers to fulfil your energy needs? Look no further!

Have the convenience of having all your energy needs met in one place. Streamline your energy system procurement process and store all the energy data insights in one place.

  • Create projects and select systems from multiple suppliers
  • One platform to monitor and store your energy data
  • Get help from the Skoon energy experts