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Meet our team

Skoon is a young and dynamic company committed to making clean energy accessible and affordable for everyone. Our central platform connects users with suppliers of clean energy systems for temporary applications, such as construction sites and sports events, as a clean alternative to diesel generators.

At Skoon, we believe that our values define our culture and drive us to achieve our mission. We promote a flexible and energetic work environment, value open communication and a positive mindset, and encourage continued learning and innovation. Join us in shaping a brighter, cleaner future for all, to become the flexible layer of the electricity grid.

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst


Daan Geldermans


Deniz Alemdar

HR & Recruitment manager

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Pepijn Reesink

Operational Lead

Tara van de Lagemaat

Commercial Lead

Jos van Velzen

Software Architect

Erik van der Kramer


Bram Gussekloo

Front-end Developer

Seger Tak

Data & Tools Lead

Maurits Euving

Account Manager Supply

Daisy Westphal

Front-end developer

Spyros Vigkos

Front-end Developer

Evi Steinhoff

Sales Engineer

Maurice Augusson

Allround Financial

Hajar Akkouh

Front-end developer

Chris van de Sande

Back-end developer

Christopher Charlesworth

Data Analyst

Berdien Langezaal-Fennema

Finance & Strategy

Guus Joppe

Data Engineer & Back-end Developer

Ruben van As

UI/UX Designer

Richard Dyer

Full-stack Developer

Anastasia Kavetska

Back-end Developer

Octave Le Tullier

Front-end Developer

Klint Sulstarova

Full-stack Developer

Careers at Skoon

We are constantly looking for people to join our Champions League team. If you want to contribute to accelerating the clean energy transition, take a look at our open positions. We look forward to meeting you, to join our energetic, passionate, and purpose-driven team members!

At Skoon we believe that young and innovative companies with a passionate team are in a position to set the bar in the clean energy transition

Peter Paul van VoorstFounder Skoon