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Holland, land of water. The Dutch sure know how to deal with water, but how can we put this expertise to good use when it comes to electricity generated by natural resources? Let’s look at three significant similarities between water and clean electricity.

1. There is more than enough of it

Just like water, the amount of energy available would be more than enough to supply a sufficient amount of green electricity to run society on. With an increasing focus on the environment, the number of resources to harvest this type of energy, is increasing as well. Solar and wind energy are the most common. But did you know these are complemented by energy harvested from waves, tides and temperature and height differences? Just to name a few.

2. Supply and demand is out of balance

As is the case with heavy rain in one place and desertification in another, some areas have to deal with an excess of electricity while in another area the grid is struggling to meet demand. Just as the greenhouses in South-Holland store water for later use, storing clean electricity until it’s demanded by its users, is vital to ensure a smooth energy transition.

3. It runs the world

It is safe to say we’ve almost become as dependent on electricity as on water. ‘Reliable, safe and clean’, are not just attributes of water availability, but increasingly so for electricity. Therefore, solutions that contribute to distributing the supply of electricity to achieve a fair balance, are gaining traction.

This is music to our ears. We at Skoon Energy are working hard on developing such a solution. By setting up a network of large mobile energy storage units. Just a year old, we are already on our way to become a keystone in this efficient distribution of clean energy. Would you like to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

This insight was also published on the website of the Maritime Delta.