Unstable or non-existent grid connections

Assure the continuity of your operations regardless of your grid connection

Due to ever-rising network congestion, businesses in various industries face delays or difficulties in receiving their requested grid reinforcement and lose valuable time, momentum and financial resources. Renting batteries that can be charged on available grid connections beforehand helps to temporarily bridge the undersupply of power.

This, or similar energy solution, used in this project
Battery solution
Greener "Carmen"
Greener Power Solutions

Main data

Nominal Capacity:336 kWh
Effective Capacity:268.8 kWh
Battery Type:NMC
Voltage:400 V AC
Weight:7.800 kg
Year Built:2019

Greener "Carmen"

This solution is a 10ft container which is ideal for peakshaving at events or construction sites.
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