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Over the past months, the activities around Project Clean Amsterdam have continued full speed. We’ve been able to provide shorepower to many different ships already throughout the city of Amsterdam, This project is mainly focused on providing shorepower to rivercruise vessels, which has happened. However, we’ve also been able to power several other energy users in the Port of Amsterdam of which we’d like to highlight three special ones. These ships, apart from being special, represent a diversity of energy profiles, all taking their own advantage of our mobile clean energy solution.

Cerberus – Microgrid

When an energy user needs electricity, but there is no grid connection available, microgrid mode is activated. In microgrid mode, the battery provides all electricity the energy user needs. The battery is charged beforehand at a location where green electricity is available, in this case, power from local wind and biomass as provided by SEP (, stores it and releases it at the moment the vessel connects its shorepower cables.

During the plugging-in procedure of the Cerberus, the onshore power supply cabinet was temporarily offline. To still provide the Cerberus with energy, the Skoonbox has been used in a micro-grid solution. Without the Skoonbox the Cerberus would have used its own generators to generate electricity.

Calypso – Uninterrupted Power Supply

The Superyacht Calypso, a 61,5m yacht built by Amels, visited Amsterdam for several onboard maintenance activities. During her stay, the superyacht received energy from Eggerding, directly coming from its solar panel roof. To ensure there was no interruption in the power supply, the batterycontainer was placed between the grid connection and the superyacht.

Uninterrupted power supply is a mode in which a battery is used to ensure the power supply does not fail. On one side the battery is connected to a grid connection, which might not be stable. On the other side the battery provides electricity to the energy user. In case of a grid blackout, the energy user will continue to receive power.

Rainbow Warrior – Peakshaving

When a grid connection is available, but the peak power demand exceeds the maximum power capacity of the connection, peak shaving mode is enabled. In this mode, the grid connection is constantly charging the battery. When a sudden peak in power occurs, this is supplied by the battery. This makes it possible to deliver energy, without blowing the fuses.

This was the case at the location where the Rainbow Warrior stayed for a week, Kaap de Groene Hoop. A small grid connection was available, which was enough to charge the battery and deliver electricity to the Rainbow Warrior. Greenpeace also took advantage of the situation, using the Skoonbox to gain insights in their own energy management onboard. Due the advanced technology in the Skoonbox it is possible to monitor the energy profile closely. During the project the data was closely monitored and analyzed. The crew onboard Rainbow Warrior was able to use these data sets to optimize their energy management onboard.

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