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Leading Dutch media outlets like De Volkskrant, Financieel dagblad, NRC, and all sounded the alarm again last week. The grid operators again issued a ‘code red’ warning about our country’s grid congestion

This is not a coincidence as the challenge of grid congestion is turning out to be much bigger than expected. If we continue down this road, we can expect insufficient power (or actually insufficient contracted power transport capacity) over the next 10 years, according to the Dutch Grid operators.

Here are the three compelling reasons why embracing mobile batteries, and other clean mobile technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, will help us through the next 10 years. 

1. Reduce costs – invest only where necessary 

The scarcity of electricity cables, power inverters, grid transformers, and chips all drive up prices in the energy market. On top of that, skilled technicians are in high demand, which poses challenges to traditional grid expansion.

In some cases, grid congestion is structural throughout the year. However, in many situations, the congestion is seasonal or incidental. Expanding the grid for those congestion cases would be like building a highway for a festival. 

To cope with seasonal or incidental congestion, mobile energy systems are a good standard solution. This helps the grid operators to only invest when and where necessary and to stop paying when it’s not needed anymore.

Would you like to know more? Listen to this recent podcast with our CEO, co-created with Modo Energy, that explains how mobile energy solutions can be used to fight grid congestion. 

2. Reduce emissions – avoid the use of fossil fuels due to grid congestion

As we are close to many tipping points with regard to global warming and climate change, it’s unwanted to fulfil the shortcomings of the energy grid with fossil mobile power, such as gas or diesel generators. This is not what our tax money should be spent on.

This is easier said than done. Not everyone is aware of the potential cost savings of stepping away from fossil fuels. This is why we developed the Decision Tool. 

Via Skoon’s Decision tool, energy users needing more power can easily model their expected energy usage and directly select a green mobile energy system from our marketplace. The output of the tool is an available (set of) system(s), associated cost savings and the emissions avoided by taking this step.

3. Increase share of renewable energy – a future-proof electricity grid

Intermittent energy sources like wind and solar are the future of our energy mix. At the same time, everything we use is electrified, resulting in peak energy demands. Often, intermittent energy sources do not produce electricity when the peak demand takes place. In 2023 this mismatch in supply and demand accounted for 10%* of energy generated by renewables to be wasted. Temporary storage systems and clean power generation technologies, such as hydrogen generators and fuel cells, can bridge this gap effectively and ensure an effective usage of clean power. 

*CBS Elektriciteitsbalans; aanbod en verbruik

Bonus reason: Growth for innovative companies

Grid congestion is affecting businesses and people in many different areas. Take for example housing projects that cannot welcome their customers or a business that wants to move from a gas fired machine to an electric alternative. Their ambitions are all affected by grid congestion.

Innovative businesses can easily boost a small grid connection with a mobile battery or a generator running on renewable fuels. A battery, in this case, delivers energy from its storage when energy demand is higher than the supply from the energy grid. Charging the battery will happen during periods with more capacity in the grid, such as at night, or using a (hydrogen) generator. 

This results in growth potential for innovative companies on two sides; innovative businesses choosing to power their ambitions using sustainable energy systems and innovative companies supplying zero emission (mobile) energy system(s). 

Yet another reason why clean mobile energy is the solution to fight grid congestion: sustainable growth.

Are you an innovative business looking for (a platform to provide) clean energy?

FAQs: Clean Mobile Energy Solutions for Grid Congestion

1. Why is grid congestion becoming a significant issue? Recent warnings from leading Dutch media outlets, including De Volkskrant, Financieel Dagblad, NRC, and, underscore the severity of grid congestion in our country. Grid operators anticipate insufficient power transport capacity over the next decade, highlighting the urgency of addressing this challenge.

2. How can clean mobile energy solutions alleviate grid congestionClean mobile energy solutions, such as mobile batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, offer several benefits in combatting grid congestion. They reduce costs by investing strategically, minimize emissions by avoiding reliance on fossil fuels, and increase the share of renewable energy sources in our electricity grid.

3. How does Skoon’s Decision tool facilitate the adoption of clean mobile energy systems? Skoon’s Decision tool empowers energy users to model their expected energy usage and select green mobile energy systems from our marketplace. By providing cost estimates, emissions savings, and available system options, this tool streamlines the process of transitioning to clean mobile energy solutions.

4. What role do temporary storage systems and clean power generation technologies play in managing grid congestion? Temporary storage systems and clean power generation technologies, such as hydrogen generators and fuel cells, effectively bridge the gap between intermittent energy sources like wind and solar and peak energy demands. They ensure the efficient utilization of clean power and contribute to a future-proof electricity grid.

5. How can clean mobile energy solutions support innovative businesses affected by grid congestion? Innovative businesses facing grid congestion challenges can leverage clean mobile energy solutions to power their operations sustainably. Mobile batteries and renewable fuel-based generators offer a flexible and emissions-free alternative to traditional grid connections, fostering growth and innovation in various sectors.

6. How does clean mobile energy promote sustainable growth for businesses? By choosing clean mobile energy solutions, businesses not only address grid congestion challenges but also contribute to sustainable growth. Embracing renewable energy systems aligns with environmental goals and positions businesses as leaders in sustainability. Additionally, supplying clean energy solutions presents growth opportunities for innovative companies in the energy sector.

7. How can businesses get started with clean mobile energy solutions? For businesses interested in adopting clean mobile energy solutions or joining our platform as energy providers, Skoon offers tailored support and consultation. Contact us today to explore how clean mobile energy can benefit your business and contribute to a greener future.

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