Reduce your operations’ footprint and show initiative for a more sustainable energy usage

Whether they are electric, photovoltaic, or hydrogen-based, Skoon’s energy solutions significantly lower the dependence on fossil fuels. With every installation, you have the chance to lower your emissions and contribute to a more sustainable work environment for everyone.

Disengage onboard generators and use clean shore power instead

As a participant in the Clean Amsterdam project, Skoon helped to reinforce the shore power grid and thereby avoid emissions from the vessels onboard generators. Thanks to the additional power supplied by the battery container, larger vessels could temporarily turn off their own diesel generators and be “plugged” into the shore power grid instead.

Cut emissions by implementing industrial shore power solutions

In the Port of Amsterdam, the Skoonbox AC helped a transshipment company to relieve inland vessels from having to use their generators during on- and off-loading processes. This project diminished the emissions during these time stretches and opened a window into a possible future with high-capacity, clean shore power systems.

Implement clean energy solutions for indoor locations

Where diesel generators fall short, clean energy provides a clean and healthy environment in which the workforce avoids exposure to hazardous fumes and power tools can be used without restrictions. Mobile batteries and clean energy generators open up new possibilities in all industries that rely on indoor working facilities, such as hangars and factory halls.

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