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Skoon and Sunbelt Rentals are pleased to announce a new partnership. Skoon is an online software platform that offers clean energy solutions and software tools to the Film and TV, Electricity Grid and Construction industries. This partnership will enable Sunbelt Rentals to expand its reach and support customers by increasing the ease of hiring battery storage units, hydrogen generators and solar arrays. By increasing the availability and accessibility of clean energy solutions, it enables customers to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and create positive change to deliver a better future for Our Planet. 

Sunbelt Rentals and Skoon have entered into a partnership to support customers in the Construction, Events and Film and TV industries with a seamless booking system to access sustainable clean energy products. On top of that, the software platform allows for customer-friendly reporting on energy usage and savings. Together, this partnership will assist the strategic goals of customers to transition to clean alternatives for diesel generators. 

The collaboration aligns strategically with Sunbelt Rentals Our Planet commitment to sustainability and their mission of helping customers achieve their sustainability goals today by providing innovative and sustainable clean energy options. Customers can hire the equipment required from Sunbelt Rentals through Skoon’s online marketplace, improving the availability and accessibility of clean energy solutions in the market. Skoon’s platform also gives access to advanced data analysis tools to optimise every deployment and save more costs.

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, founder and CEO of Skoon Energy, commented: “We are happy with the confidence of Sunbelt in Skoon’s clean energy software. By leveraging our tools and algorithms, Sunbelt can now manage their energy rental fleet more efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing the utilisation of their clean energy systems. We are proud to support Sunbelt Rentals’ efforts to increase the availability and accessibility of clean energy solutions.’

Matt O’Hara, Senior Sustainable Applications Manager at Sunbelt Rentals commented on the partnership:

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Skoon and expanding our rental offering to further markets and industries. Both Sunbelt Rentals’ Our Planet commitments and Skoon’s commitment to sustainability are connected around a customer-first approach to enable customers to reduce their reliability on diesel and in turn reduce their carbon footprint. We believe this collaboration will support our customers with the ease of accessing sustainable solutions through Skoon’s platform, and we hope this leads to positive change by contributing to a greener future.”

About Sunbelt Rentals Ltd

Sunbelt Rentals forms part of FTSE 100 Company, Ashtead Group plc and is the UK’s largest equipment rental company with over 200 service centres nationwide, more than 4,000 employees and over 35,000 customers in the construction, events, facilities management, government and film and TV sectors. 

For further information about Sunbelt Rentals Our Planet commitments:

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