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Scheveningen – the kilometer-long beach in The Hague’s backyard faces significant challenges with grid congestion. Particularly true during peak energy demand periods such as the bustling summer months. In response, The Municipality of The Hague (Gemeente Den Haag) has embarked on a microgrid application experiment. It incorporates a mobile battery to manage energy generation and distribution within the area’s key establishments, including beach clubs, a port operations center, an event venue, and a construction site.

This forward-thinking initiative represents a resilient, future-proof solution as electrification continues to expand and Skoon is proud to support it happen every step of the way.

Smart Beach Grid Scheveningen

INDUSTRY: Grid, residential

LOCATION: Scheveningen, the Netherlands

The Project


The power grid in The Hague is under pressure. In districts such as Scheveningen, the capacity of the electricity grid is approaching its limits, especially during the summer period.

Aligned with The Municipality’s ambitious sustainability objectives, solar panels are installed on several building roofs in the region, aiming to maximize the utilization of locally generated solar energy. However, when this energy isn’t stored grid congestion can be a result.

Skoon’s implemented a battery storage solution – a refurbished mobile battery from our partner, Accu’t. It serves a dual purpose: storing excess solar energy and providing buffered power during peak demand periods. This energy set-up ensures local energy usage

Furthermore, when surplus energy is not required locally, the battery seamlessly contributes to balancing the Dutch energy grid through grid services based on our FSP partner’s, Eddy Grid, technology. This ensures optimal resource utilization. 


Skoon did a thorough analysis of a dataset obtained from the on-premise Energy Management System (EMS) a 15-minute intervals. Leveraging insights from this data and simulations conducted through our decision tool, helped us select the most suitable 160 kW / 360 kWh battery system.

  • Decision tool – facilitating the creation of an energy profile, battery fitting, and cost comparison
  • Live monitoring – enabling real-time data transmission to The Municipality, facilitating prompt anomaly detection and optimizing energy usage
  • Reporting – providing valuable insights into the performance of the energy setup, enabling continuous refinement and enhancement. 


A microgrid setup, making it a significant milestone in ensuring a decentralized, resilient energy grid that addresses grid congestion effectively.

By localizing both energy generation and usage, this initiative not only promotes sustainability but also alleviates strain on the broader energy grid. Which in turn is fostering a more balanced and efficient energy ecosystem for Scheveningen and beyond. 

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