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During winter months, grid operators like Enexis often face the challenge of grid congestion. This is due to a spike in energy demand in the winter months, such as increased usage of heat pumps. This challenge is expected to only increase over the following years as we are on the pathway to electrification. Skoon and Enexis, with support from the Efteling, added a fleet of mobile batteries to solve this challenge.


LOCATION: Netherlands, Kaatsheuvel

The Project


Enexis required an additional 1 MW of power during peak energy demand periods to alleviate strain on their energy grid in and around Tilburg. Through a collaboration with The Efteling, they gained access to the theme park’s grid connection, enabling the injection of extra electricity into the grid as required. This innovative arrangement leverages both the physical infrastructure at the customer’s site and the on-site grid connection to alleviate congestion in the region’s power grid.


Using Skoon’s decision tool, a battery set-up of 5 200 kW and 500 kWh was selected that feeds in the energy via a mobile transformer connected to the medium voltage station.

The flexibility (1 MW) was requested using the GOPACS platform, a platform that is designed and used by grid operators to request regional flexibility. The battery received the controls via the IoT device (Teleport) from our partner WithTheGrid based on dispatch intelligence from our partner A Consultancy Company.


Before the project, Skoon and Enexis determined the additional power (MW) and capacity (MWh) needed with Skoon’s decision tool. The decision tool was used to create the power profile based on 15-minute data from the medium-voltage transmission station and select a battery set-up to match this energy profile.

The battery set-up was monitored using Skoon’s live monitoring, which was also used to optimise the set-up based on real data. After the rental, Enexis received an energy report to get insight into important financial and environmental KPIs.


A mobile energy set-up containing 5 batteries and a mobile transformer that responds to congestion requests from the grid operator.

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