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Grid congestion has emerged as a recurring challenge for businesses and grid operators in the Netherlands. This is particularly true during peak demand periods such as winter when heating systems strain the grid or solar panels flood it with excess energy in summer.

In response to this challenge, Skoon Energy and Enexis collaborated on finding an alternative solution. A mobile and flexible setup comprising five batteries, each boasting a power capacity of 250 kW and a total capacity of 500 kWh.

Watch the video to learn more about this unique collaboration with Enexis.
Skoon X Enexis: combating grid congestion


LOCATION: Netherlands, Den Bosch

The Project


Grid operators face a growing challenge as society electrifies at a rapid pace and sustainable energy makes its entrance as the dominant source of power. This has increased pressure on the electricity grid, resulting in grid congestion.  

The Process


Skoon analyzed substation data and simulated winter energy demand with our decision tool. This determined the power and energy needed to relieve Den Bosch grid congestion. The data revealed that for multiple periods of 2 hours, power peaks of 1 MW occurred, leading to the deployment of five container-sized batteries, each with 250 kW and 500 kWh of internal battery storage.

Skoon sourced the selected battery system from two of its network of suppliers – B-Charge and Rent a Battery. The entire power setup is monitored live through the Skoon platform to enable continuous optimization of energy usage and refinement of the grid management strategy.

Additionally, the battery setup is seamlessly integrated into the grid infrastructure. This is controlled via GOPACS – an advanced digital platform enabling Dutch grid operators to mitigate capacity shortages. Initially, this was implemented on a ‘day-ahead’ calling scheme. Skoon and DSOs are now exploring ‘intra-day’ congestion management requests. Together, we are also looking into the combination of congestion management services and national grid balancing services to reduce operational costs.

Skoon Energy, in collaboration with A Consultancy Company (ACC) and WithTheGrid, allows the batteries to provide crucial support during peak demand periods, such as on cold days or simultaneous electric vehicle charging. 

  • Decision tool – facilitating the creation of an energy profile, battery fitting, and cost comparison
  • Live monitoring – enabling real-time data transmission, facilitating prompt anomaly detection, and optimizing energy usage
  • Reporting – providing valuable insights into the performance of the energy setup, enabling continuous refinement and enhancement. 


An adaptable and scalable solution to manage (seasonal) grid congestion. Unlike traditional grid reinforcements, the deployment of these mobile battery systems is swift, offering an agile answer to the gridlock. 

This system innovation empowers grid operators to address congestion proactively at every level of the electricity network. Skoon’s online marketplace enables users to supplement these mobile energy storage systems with other energy systems, forming a cohesive, scalable solution, even in areas where local or national grid operators limit congestion for recharging batteries.

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