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With a rapidly growing fleet of energy solutions, the demand for structure and automation is also growing. Skoon Suite has been developed by and for energy specialists, to make the management of mobile batteries and (hydrogen) generators simpler and more profitable.

Transform the way you rent energy.

Skoon Suite links to every product for easy management.

The bigger the fleet gets, the more important it is to track device performance. Remote insight on a commercial, practical and financial level per device helps to grow even stronger.
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Skoon Suite helps you and your accountant with the bookings

Keeping the accounts in line with day-to-day operations can be a challenge, especially when the fleet is growing rapidly. Further investments need to be made and this would be best based on performance.

Skoon Suite gives your creativity space

Skoon Suite works best if it matches your own wishes. That is why the software is designed in such a way that there is a lot of room for your own interpretation, in order to facilitate existing company structures.
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Developed together with these experts:

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Start small and scale as your business grows. Whatever energy solutions you offer, we have the right solution.

Start with the most important and most used features for energy solutions in the Skoon platform, fully tailored to your company.
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