Skoon Sharing is the marketplace for clean mobile energy

Skoon Sharing is the biggest online marketplace for clean mobile energy. Innovative companies rent out their batteries, hydrogen generators or other mobile clean energy assets. For energy users, Skoon Sharing provides a complete overview of mobile clean energy solutions and the availability in a desired period. The most simple way to find your energy solution:

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Skoon Energy - The online marketplace for clean mobile energy

At some places, connecting to the grid isn't always possible for a temporary electricity source and generators can be noisy and polluting. Renting a battery or clean energy solution on Skoon Sharing is just as easy and cost efficient, but without the emissions.

Skoon Sharing makes clean energy accessible

We offer a range of features such as location tracking and monitoring of energy, power and CO2 savings. Let us take care of the booking processes, payments, logistics and more.

Data driven optimalization

Our algorithms will keep improving, thanks to our growing amount of data sets and market insights. Our team of dedicated professionals complement these online algorithms with offline sales and partnerships with the best suppliers of clean energy solutions.

More and more innovative companies offer energy solutions that can be a clean alternative to diesel generators. Skoon works closely together with those companies and strives to offer a fitting solution to your energy demand, always and anywhere.

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