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The Skoon team is excited to be starting 2020 with a bang by joining the Dutch Delegation to CES 2020.

Skoon is expanding rapidly across The Netherlands and Europe. As we continue to scale we’re looking for development partners to help our software grow with us. We are ready to serve customers all over the world, as we expand our network of logistics and distribution partners. We’d looking forward to meeting some of these partners at CES.

Come to booth #51726 at the Holland Tech Square in Eureka Park to test the battery sharing platform where anyone can book clean energy and have it delivered anywhere.

About Skoon

The world needs clean energy solutions; solar and wind power that is stored in batteries for when and where it is needed. Skoon launched the world’s first online battery sharing platform to change this.

Clean energy offers companies a competitive advantage. Our innovative solution makes it affordable, accessible and simple. Our platform will help you power film-sets, construction sites, parties, festivals, and even ships. Jump online to book a high-powered battery charged from renewables for any application. It’s as easy as booking an AirBnB or an Uber.

We have great people onboard. One of our team was among the first who built Uber. Kees Koolen joined Uber when they had just 11 employees and went on to establish their international HQ in Amsterdam and grow operations from there. Prior to this, he also built, Europe’s second-largest technology company.


Let’s catch up at CES 2020


We’re at CES to meet as many potential partners as we can. We don’t want to miss you so leave your details and we’ll book a time to meet

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