Batteries on the film set

Skoon rents batteries to film sets to provide a quiet and reliable energy solution. In addition to easily achieving sustainability goals, these silent batteries can even be integrated into the film set to have electricity available everywhere.

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Transform the way you power your film set

check Silent and emission-free batteries for reliable electricity, long cables are no longer necessary
check Different sizes of batteries can be carried or rolled
check A vandal-proof design that can be used by everyone

Portable battery

Electricity for the coffee machine or lamps, without having to use long extension cords, is easily possible with portable batteries. All these batteries are equipped with standard 230V sockets. A number of plugs are also provided with a higher power. In addition, power distribution can also be controlled through the use of distribution boxes.
Portable Battery
A Wattsun Dock with two interchangeable Packs.
Rollable Battery
A battery on wheels from Portable Electric.

Battery on wheels

The second and powerful type is the battery on wheels, which can be easily wheeled around the film set. This battery has proven its value during the recordings of James Bod, among other things.

Battery trailers

A battery trailer can be used for the complete energy management of a film set, from catering to lighting and cameras. The battery trailer is easy to carry behind a car and can be transported with a regular B driving license.
Portable Battery
Battery trailer from Circular Energy Rentals.