Clean energy on events

Skoon rents out batteries and hydrogen generators to events to ensure clean, quiet and reliable energy. Especially in places without a fixed energy grid, a battery or hydrogen generator can be a good alternative to the diesel generator, without emissions and noise pollution.

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Transform the way you power your event.

check No emissions and no nuisance from stench and noise pollution.
check Different sizes of batteries, easy and flexible to transport, no need for long cables.
check Always an automated feedback report with an energy profile of the event and an overview of the saved diesel and CO2.

Portable battery

Electricity for lamps, DJ equipment or food trucks without having to use long extensioncords is easily possible with portable batteries. All these batteries are equipped with standard 230V sockets. A number of plugs are also equipped with a higher Opslaan power. In addition, power distribution can also be controlled by means of distribution boxes.
Portable Battery
A Wattsun Dock and Pack in use at a beach party
Aanhanger batterij
A battery trailer from Circular Energy Rentals

Battery trailers

The second type is the trailer battery, which can be connected behind any car with a towbar to take with you to any location.

Container battery

The third and largest type is the container battery, a standardized 10ft or 20ft sea container filled with batteries and associated auxiliary systems.
Container batterij
The Green Battery, deployed here on the Malieveld in The Hague