Silent batteries for urban environments

Facilitate energy supply in central locations that demand mobility and noise reduction

In the municipality of Amsterdam, there are ongoing constructions on the city’s characteristic quays and bridges to assure their robust beauty and useability for many years to come. The location of these construction sites is challenging for two reasons – the number of residential and commercial properties in the direct proximity calls for an as silent as possible operation and, to reduce traffic obstructions, power sources need to be placed efficiently. Skoon’s solution was to position a battery on a clearing barge that was moored next to the construction site and supplied the worker’s hut, crane vessels and welding equipment with clean, silent and mobile energy. An all-around satisfying solution for our clients as well as the community they work for.

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Battery solution
Skoonbox 2 DC
Skoon Energy BV

Main data

Nominal Capacity:638 kWh
Effective Capacity:510.4 kWh
Battery Type:LFP
Voltage:700 V AC
Weight:13.000 kg
Year Built:2019

Skoonbox 2 DC

Skoonbox 2 DC delivers energy to users that can process direct current, either with a local converter or through a DC grid. The container is the first mobile battery container certified for maritime use.
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