Silent Batteries for live broadcasting events

Avoid noise disturbance in crucial moments – for example on live broadcasts!

With numerous cameras covering every possible angle of live TV transmissions, or outdoor events, it is essential to avoid noise that disturbs the listener’s experience. Therefore, it is time to replace traditional generators which, besides energy, also generate plenty of noise pollution. Silent and mobile batteries allow for perfectly uninterrupted coverage.  The VOLTstack 5k, Wattsun stacks and the Skoontrailer have repeatedly proven themselves ideal for these situations.

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Main data

Nominal Capacity:3 kWh
Effective Capacity:2.8 kWh
Battery Type:NMC
Voltage:230 V AC
Weight:17.4 kg
Year Built:2020

VOLTstack 5k

The VOLTstack is the workhorse of the Portable Electric batteries, it is capable of powering mid-size operations. Especially operations in film and tv are highly suitable for this type of battery. The VOLTstack has proven its value in the film industry many times, including a shining role in the new James Bond film where the battery makes an appearance in the movie trailer.
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