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Breijer has opted for a battery-powered energy supply for the welfare area at their construction site. Due to the unavailability of a grid connection on the premises, Breijer was in need of a mobile energy solution. Skoon selected the most optimal battery system that continuously charges and delivers peak power when needed! 

Battery system at a construction site in Rotterdam

Clean mobile power at Peitkreek Rotterdam delivered by Portabolt

At Skoon, we are committed to providing clean energy systems to construction sites to further reduce emissions and noise. Peitkreek is a perfect example of the viability and feasibility of clean energy systems for construction sites, and we invited all construction companies to take the step. 

Skoon is ready to support you in the process! Together, we can determine your power needs and select the most optimal clean energy system from our marketplace. Our online tools provide insights into the cost competitiveness of clean energy systems compared to their fossil fuel alternatives, making it easier to choose for the clean alternative. 

Join us in the mission to make construction sites cleaner!