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Skoon Energy Consultancy

Quick Scan

Energy storage technology is developing rapidly. With up-to-date, expert knowledge, we’ll make a quick scan of your operation and the possibilities to improve using energy storage.


Your energy needs might be very suitable for energy storage. With an in-depth feasibility study, we provide insight on how energy storage could improve your energy usage or peak shaving solutions.

Optimise and implement

Skoon takes an active role in the implementation of your energy storage. By giving advice and support on both hardware and software, you’re able to get the most from your mobile energy storage.

The Platform

Skoon creates an optimal match between battery owners and users. With automated logistics, monitoring and charging, it provides all services for large-scale deployment of mobile energy.

Rent a Battery

Let’s get in touch

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Land based solutions

Skoon offers true green and economically viable alternatives for traditional diesel generators used at events, constructions sites or other temporary applications.


Maritime solutions

Skoon offers clean energy solutions to help ports and shipowners with their sustainability ambitions and to meet increased regualtions.


“Will Skoon become the AirBnB of batteries?”