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Skoon Energy Consultancy

Companies that are eager to take part in the energy transition and electrification are often struggling how to pursue their ambition. Most journeys start with investigating opportunities and possibilities to use batteries. Skoon Energy Consultancy is able to help clients with this journey by offering independent and reliable insights into determine the most suitable battery solution. Always backed by the latest technology, data and hands on experience.

By conducting feasibility studies Skoon helps clients to gain specified insights into optimal solutions for their applications. Among many, determining factors are the intended operational profile and on which location the application will be utilised.

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Battery Asset Management

Skoon Battery Asset Management offers all required services for optimised utilisations of energy storage systems,


Invest in sustainability

Skoon Energy Consultancy offers unique insights into energy storage possibilities. Backed by data and hands on experience.


Land based solutions

Skoon offers true green and economically viable alternatives for traditional diesel generators used at events, constructions sites or other temporary applications.


Maritime solutions

Skoon offers clean energy solutions to help ports and shipowners with their sustainability ambitions and to meet increased regualtions.


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