Clean energy for road and track construction

For all road and track construction, there are mobile energysolutions available. Take a look at the trailer batteries which can be easily towed with a car.

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Advantages of a battery as an energy supply:

check From charging small hand tools to the energy supply for an entire construction site
check Flexible in use
check Zero emission energy

Portable batteries

These handy, stackable batteries are ideal for smaller tools where a power outlet is not available. By stacking the batteries, the total capacity can be increased and tailored to the work.
A Wattsun Dock and Pack in use with electric hand tools
A trailer battery from Volta Energy

Battery trailers

The second and larger type of battery is a trailer battery. Trailer batteries are available in different sizes, depending on the type of construction site and the energy requirement.

Container batteries

Container batteries can be used for the complete energy management of a construction site. This can be as a stand-alone solution but also in combination with a grid connection. Battery containers have enough power to provide the largest tower cranes with energy.
The Green Battery, used here during construction work

Options of battery use for road and track work:

check By using a battery you get more out of your available grid connection
check A vandal-proof design that can be used by everyone
check Full insight into energy management possible through a real-time monitoring dashboard