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Silent batteries can be integrated into the film set to have electricity available everywhere.
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Advantages of a battery as an energy supply:

check From charging small equipment to the energy supply for an entire film or tv set
check Flexible in use
check Zero emission energy

Use batteries as power sources for noise-sensitive settings

There is a multitude of industries that are looking to reduce the noise pollution, but none more than the Film & Entertainment industry. To give you an example, the James Bond – No Time To Die production team used mobile batteries in a pilot program. Find out how Skoon could help in finding a suitable solution for your next project.

Avoid disturbances during crucial moments

Live broadcasts, whether on TV or radio, previously relied on either a stable grid connection or on long cables connecting the equipment to distant diesel generators. However, these generators are outdated and come with avoidable nuisances. Skoon and its partners can offer you a silent alternative that won’t be caught on any transmission.

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