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Construction sites are in the process of switching to clean energy systems that are not as loud and polluting as the ones running on diesel.

The construction industry is changing. Emissions-free construction is becoming fundamental, and of course alongside challenges: How do we ensure there is always enough energy to power electric equipment?

In the past, diesel generators were the standard energy source on construction sites. However, with the current diesel prices and other related costs, this solution does no longer provide financial sense. So let us look deeper into the solution of this current challenge:

Peak shaving takes care of the large machines
Heavy machinery, like tower cranes, requires large amounts of energy in short periods of time, sometimes even more than there is available on site. But, a battery system in a “peak shaving” setup can be the solution.

This answer is not only suitable for larger machinery, it is also an energy saving option for smaller applications like powering a construction trailer.

Avoid cables around smaller energy consumers
With clean energy systems in place, there is no need for as many cables, making it not only a safer but also a more efficient option. Additionally, clean energy systems can make use of sustainable energy sources, such as solar panels.

Skoon, a company dedicated to introducing clean energy systems to construction sites, recently provided a battery-powered energy supply for the welfare area at a construction site in Peitkreek Rotterdam. This system results in savings of up to 155 liters of diesel and a quieter work environment. If you want to learn more about that project check out this previous blog here.

Use software tools to make the right decision
Clean energy systems are not just good for the environment, they are also cost-effective. Skoon’s online tools provide insights into the cost competitiveness of clean energy systems compared to their fossil fuel alternatives, making it easier for companies to choose the green alternative.

Join Skoon in their mission to make construction sites cleaner and more silent. Let’s work together to create a more sustainable future for the construction industry!

To provide extra clarity, here are some FAQs for you:

1. What is a “peak shaving” setup?

A “peak shaving” setup involves using a battery system to store energy during periods of low demand and then deliver that energy during periods of high demand.

2. How do clean energy systems save money?

Clean energy systems can be more cost-effective than traditional fossil fuel alternatives due to lower fuel costs and fewer maintenance expenses.

3. Can clean energy systems power large machinery?

Yes, clean energy systems can be used to power large machinery, like tower cranes, with a “peak shaving” setup.

4. What are the benefits of using clean energy systems on construction sites?

Using clean energy systems can reduce emissions and noise pollution, improve safety, and be cost-effective.

5. How can Skoon assist in choosing the right clean energy system for my construction site?

Skoon’s online tools can provide insights into the cost competitiveness of clean energy systems compared to fossil fuel alternatives, making it easier to choose the right system for your site. Additionally, Skoon can work with you to determine your power needs and select a fitting system from their marketplace.

If there are anymore open questions or point you want to discuss, feel free to contact us!