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Revolutionise your clean energy rentals with our innovative software

Manage your clean energy operations from end to end with Skoon energy rental management. Combine commercial data with energy for insight into your business- and fleet performance. Enlighten customers with data and actionable insights to support them in their transition to clean energy. The software is designed based on experience from working in the energy rental market and on feedback from our network of clean energy providers. Increase your asset utilisation, grow your fleet and increase the happiness of your staff with Skoon Suite.

Increase your asset utilisation

Companies using Skoon Suite, on average, increase their asset utilisation with 40% and grow their fleet by more than two in the first year of using the software platform.  

Respond faster to inquiries

Monitor your sales pipeline in an easy to understand overview and easily determine your fleet-project allocation to never miss out on any project

Improve customer satisfaction

Enlighten customers with monitoring and impact insights to support them transformation to clean energy with the click of a button.

We use Skoon as our hire control system to give us full visibility of our fleet. Skoon combines a booking system allowing us to see the the individual hires for each asset along with a monitoring system which shows us vital battery data such as state of charge and GPS location.

Mark ChamberlainDirector Green Power Hire

Working with Skoon and Skoon Suite has been excellent so far. The software allows us to quickly serve our customers needs and saves us valuable time. Time we can spend on improving our products and service!

Tom BergischDirector Portabolt

Your project and energy data in one place

Easily manage your projects and assets 

Maintain overview of all your outstanding inquiries and bookings and assign them to assets.

Automate your billing

No more struggling with complex excel sheets. Know exactly who to invoice what and integrate these insights with your accounting systems via an easy exporting functionality.

Manage your customer relations (CRM) 

Stay on top of your customer’s requests and manage your client base.

Get most out of your energy assets

Provide actionable insights to customers

Enable real time notifications on the system’s status and health via a sharable link.

Manage your marketplace listing and reach the vast customer network

List your assets on the online marketplace and automatically update asset availability, specifications and commercial information all in one place. 

Get value from the data

Show the impact

Generate energy reports with the click of a button. Show fuel, CO2 and NOx savings and convince customers to keep going green.

Start the learning effect

Store customer’s energy profiles and use these to optimise your matching process time after time with AI technology.