Reduce emissions by reinforcing shore power grid

Avoid using onboard generators by implementing batteries to enhance shore power capacity

In collaboration with the Port of Amsterdam Authority, Skoon contributed to the Clean Amsterdam project by providing a battery container to reinforce the existing shore power grid in the quays around Amsterdam Centraal. The existing system could not provide the necessary voltage for larger vessels. Instead of having to rely on the onboard generators, owners of the moored vessels can now rely on Skoon’s battery to supply sufficient energy at any time.

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Battery solution
Skoonbox 2 AC
Skoon Energy BV

Main data

Nominal Capacity:638 kWh
Effective Capacity:510.4 kWh
Battery Type:LFP
Voltage:400 V AC
Weight:20.000 kg
Year Built:2019

Skoonbox 2 AC

Skoonbox 2 AC delivers energy to users in alternating current. The battery comes with a 10 foot container for the conversion electronics. The container is the first mobile battery container certified for maritime use. At the moment, it is available in Amsterdam area, on a barge low enough to go through the canals.
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