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Globally, the electricity grid faces daily pressure due to widespread grid congestion, posing a significant challenge for businesses in various sectors. Lengthy waiting times with grid operators for connections hinder immediate growth and innovation. This is where Mobile batteries come into play.

Renting is a good start

For companies wanting to take immediate action, renting is the ideal choice. Whether it’s for temporary needs, uncertain delivery times for purchases, or when the exact battery size is not yet clear, renting provides the desired flexibility. Skoon supports decision-making by presenting various options and providing quick, clear price comparisons, including crucial factors such as expected reduction in CO2 emissions.

The Power of Mobile Energy

To respond immediately to these challenges, mobile energy solutions in the form of battery storage systems are invaluable. With the growing trend of electrification and a shortage of technical personnel, these batteries act as flexible energy buffers and boosters for existing grid connections.

Quick and Flexible Mobile Rentals

The batteries charge during periods without power shortages and are automatically activated when a shortage is imminent. Choosing the right size and capacity is crucial, with Skoon playing a leading role as an energy expert. Companies can now quickly and flexibly respond to delayed grid connections. With renting battery systems through Skoon’s advanced marketplace for mobile sustainable energy.

Sustainable Solutions for Swift Action

Especially when these issues do not occur year-round, mobile batteries offer an immediate, sustainable solution. Skoon’s rental platform ensures these batteries can be deployed elsewhere throughout the year, where clean, mobile power is needed. This way, we maximize efficiency and prevent unnecessary social costs for grid reinforcement in places where temporary batteries can contribute quickly and effectively.

Moving Forward Together with Rented Infrastructure

Delayed grid connections are a direct obstacle for businesses, especially regarding innovation and sustainability. Mobile green energy in the form of rented battery systems provides a direct solution to this urgent problem. The flexibility of rental options enables companies to respond quickly and effectively to the challenges of electrification and sustainability, while simultaneously boosting their growth ambitions.


  1. What causes grid congestion and power shortages in the Netherlands? Various factors, including the growing trend of electrification and a significant shortage of technical personnel cause grid congestion and power shortages in the Netherlands. Grid congestion has far-reaching consequences for businesses, such as hindered growth, reduced productivity, limited innovation opportunities, and sustainability challenges.
  2. How does electrification contribute to sustainability but also hinder sustainability efforts? Electrification is essential for sustainability, but businesses face long waiting times with grid operators for connections, hindering growth and innovation.
  3. How do mobile energy systems, such as battery storage systems, help with this problem? They act as energy buffers and boosters for existing grid connections, allowing businesses to operate more smoothly.
  4. Why would companies choose to rent battery systems? By renting battery systems, companies can quickly respond to delayed grid connections, especially when they are not needed year-round, delivery times are too long, or the required capacity is not fully clear.
  5. What is Skoon’s role in selecting the right system?Skoon, as an energy expert, helps companies choose the right system through software tools on their marketplace for sustainable mobile energy.
  6. How do mobile battery systems contribute to sustainability and societal challenges? They contribute to sustainability by addressing power shortages and grid congestion. Especially when these issues do not occur year-round.
  7. How does Skoon optimize resources with its rental platform? Skoon’s rental platform ensures that batteries can be deployed elsewhere throughout the year, maximizing efficiency and avoiding high social costs for grid reinforcement.
  8. What are the benefits of mobile energy for ambitious projects? Mobile sustainable energy in the form of battery systems allows companies to respond quickly to challenges in electrification and sustainability. Boosting their growth ambitions.
  9. What are the environmental benefits of batteries in solving congestion? This technological innovation contributes to sustainability by enabling businesses to deal more efficiently with power shortages and grid congestion, benefiting companies and the environment. It reduces dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.