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Skoon Energy is accelerating the energy transition with an online marketplace for clean mobile energy systems. Construction sites, events, film sets, ports, grid operators and many other applications can now easily access all sizes of clean energy solutions. As international interest in the software platform is growing rapidly, Skoon partnered up with Rabobank earlier this year to fuel the expansion to new markets.

‘We are happy with the confidence of Rabobank in our marketplace for clean mobile energy. This helps our customers, the software platform and our international team to grow faster. Rabobank’s expertise and additional capital will also give an extra boost to our upcoming Series A funding round.’ – Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, founder Skoon Energy.

Skoon Sharing, the online rental marketplace, brings together the supply and demand of clean energy assets, such as mobile battery systems, hydrogen generators and solar panels. Hundreds of construction sites, events, filmsets and industrial applications can easily access these clean energy solutions. The supply grows rapidly, not only in The Netherlands, but across Europe and beyond. Skoon is constantly onboarding partners so energy users can always find an optimal, available and affordable  clean energy solution. At the same time it helps to facilitate the energy transition.

The international expansion is primarily driven by Skoon’s rental management software (Skoon Suite). Skoon Suite is a subscription based software tool for the supply side of the online marketplace, enabling owners to manage a fleet of mobile energy assets and all related commercial processes. It supports companies to gain competitive advantage and in scaling their businesses much faster, based on commercial and energy data. Skoon Suite is a solution for asset management, booking management, remote monitoring, finance and more to run a growing clean energy rental business.

Both Skoon Sharing and Skoon Suite are built to host strong AI tools and other software solutions. The full stack platform helps to achieve the maximum commercial potential of clean energy assets, outperforming the fossil fuel alternatives.

‘Our team is always looking for innovative companies that accelerate the energy transition. Skoon Energy is a true example. We are excited to support further growth and make sustainable mobile energy more accessible in different sectors’ – Fabian Groeneveld, Startup & Scale-up Banker Rabobank.   

About Skoon

Skoon is working on a future in which there is clean energy for everyone, everywhere. Our team develops commercial software for suppliers, owners and users of mobile energy solutions. The online rental marketplace and business management software make it easier, more data-driven and even more affordable to use clean mobile energy solutions for temporary applications. Soon it will be as easy to book an energy solution, as it is to book a hotel room. We believe that with a strong focus on our customers and a willingness to learn with them every day, this future is very close.

About Rabobank Startup & Scale-Up team

Start-ups and scale-ups are the innovators of the economy, contributing significantly to solving societal challenges, and are the main engine for economic growth and employment in the Netherlands. This target group therefore represents great commercial and strategic value for Rabobank. The Startup & Scale-up Team helps entrepreneurs who share this mission to grow sustainably by opening up their (international) network, by providing knowledge and funding.


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