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The healthy restaurant in the middle of Amsterdam, Dam Tasty, wanted to open their doors but got an unfortunate note from their grid operator the weeks before. Their grid connection couldn’t be reinforced for another 11 weeks, resulting in missed revenue for that whole period. Skoon came in and provided a battery system in ‘peak shaving’ mode that delivered energy during peak demands and when the grid connection couldn’t supply enough energy.

Battery in Amsterdam


LOCATION: Netherlands, Amsterdam

The Project


The healthy juice and food bar, Dam Tasty, faced a lack of power as they could only access 32A three phase power from the grid. The grid operator would only come reinforce their connection in 11 weeks, limiting them to welcome customers during peak moments. Running a diesel generator was not an option as the restaurant is in the center of Amsterdam and would cause noise pollution.

Dam Tasty did not know what type of power source would help them keep costs to a minimum while still allowing them to open their doors. Skoon modeled the expected power profile with the use of the Decision tool and selected a 45 kW/ 57 kWh battery system from the marketplace.

The battery was safely connected to the meter cabinet to feed into the electrical infrastructure of the restaurant.


Skoon analysed all energy using equipment in the kitchen and restaurant to deduct the power profile. This power profile was used to select a silent and zero emission solution from the marketplace.


Skoon used the decision tool, live monitoring and energy reports to ensure Dam Tasty was never without power.


With the battery set-up paired to the grid connection, Dam Tasty was able to welcome customers even before the grid operator would come to reinforce the grid.

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