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Cutting 50%-60% of Primavera Sound Festival’s carbon emission

In today’s world, the push for clean energy solutions is stronger than ever before. However, for many power rental companies, transitioning to a clean energy fleet can be challenging. It is capital intensive and as a rental company you need to find the perfect system that matches your fleet.

To illustrate this, we’ll dive into a rehire booking with one of our customers, the Spanish power rental company Morillo Energy that helped the famous Spanish festival Primavera Sounds cut carbon emissions. Skoon has been facilitating smooth rehiring bookings for many customers like Morillo already, removing both financial and technical complexity for all parties involved in the rehire.

It’s not all that straightforward, so let’s find out the main pain points for power rental companies going clean.

Clean energy is capital intensive

Clean energy is the future, and companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of adopting sustainable practices. However, the transition can be financially daunting for many businesses.

Investing in an entire clean energy fleet requires significant capital, and not all companies can afford to make this leap at once – certainly not if it’s hard to identify customers to rent your product throughout the whole year. This has been a major roadblock for those eager to reduce their carbon footprint but lacking the resources to do so.

Finding the right clean energy match is challenging

Companies need to ensure that the clean energy systems they invest in will work effectively with their customer base. Every region and customer demographic has unique requirements, and companies must tailor their solutions accordingly.

Additionally, they need to consider the technical feasibility of clean energy systems within their country’s infrastructure and regulations. When looking for the right match, small details are easily overlooked if there’s no real world experience deploying the systems.

You have the service, just not the product

In the pursuit of sustainability, companies often find themselves in a challenging situation where they have to reject clean energy requests due to the absence of clean energy products. This can be disheartening for both the company and their customers, as they miss out on the environmental benefits and potential cost savings.

Additionally, not being able to deliver excellent service to your customers may mean missing out on future jobs. If only there were a way to have clean energy products available, always.

Primavera Festival's stages with Skoon's clean energy system
Primavera’s stages powered by a hybrid energy set-up

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Enter Rehiring with Skoon – The Game Changer for Clean Energy Solutions

Rehiring offers a solution to the challenges faced by rental companies on their clean energy journey. Instead of purchasing clean energy products outright, companies can take a first step by rehiring these products from large and capital heavy providers.

This practice allows businesses to rent out cutting-edge clean energy technologies without a hefty upfront investment and risk of investing in the wrong products.

Multiple suppliers in one single booking

Rehiring through Skoon is the optimal choice for suppliers seeking diverse systems. Consolidating all green energy options in one platform, Skoon streamlines bookings, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple supplier relations and payment terms.

With Skoon’s rental management software suppliers gain invaluable data insights into all systems, enabling informed decisions and driving efficient clean energy utilization.

This also allows consistent reporting to your end customer, as Skoon’s software consolidates all data flows and combines them into one customer-friendly report.

Morillo’s Success Story with Skoon

An excellent example of the power of rehiring can be seen through Skoon’s partnership with Morillo Energy in Spain. This forward-thinking company adopted the rehiring model and successfully hired a variety of clean energy products from multiple different suppliers. This was all consolidated into one booking, managed in one place.

These products are being deployed to multiple projects throughout the summer months, the demand peak for clean energy in Spain due the high frequency of events. The systems were, amongst others, used to power the prestigious Primavera Sound Festival, Spain’s largest music festival that takes place in two cities. By hybridizing the generators to power the stages, Morillo Energy significantly reduced fuel consumption, by 50-60%, contributing to a greener and more sustainable event.

People in Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona
Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona

Rehiring gets you started today

The path to a clean energy future is paved with questions. Rehiring is the answer. It has emerged as a powerful tool that empowers companies to take steps towards sustainability without compromising on financial stability or technical feasibility.

Skoon’s platform and success stories like Morillo Energy highlight the immense potential of rehiring in revolutionizing the temporary power landscape.

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1. What is rehiring, and how does it benefit power rental companies? Rehiring is a practice in which rental companies can rent clean energy products from large (and capital-heavy) providers instead of making outright purchases. This offers an efficient pathway for companies to access the power solutions they need without significant upfront investments. It allows them to offer cutting-edge clean energy technologies to their customers without the risk of investing in the wrong products.

2. Why is transitioning to clean energy important for rental companies? Transitioning to clean energy is crucial for rental companies to embrace sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. It demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and aligns with the growing global push for clean energy solutions.

3. How does Skoon’s rehiring platform streamline the process? Skoon’s rehiring platform simplifies the entire rehiring experience, providing rental companies with a single point of access to a diverse range of clean energy options from multiple suppliers. It eliminates the complexity of managing various supplier relationships and payment terms, making the process more efficient.

4. What are the financial benefits of rehiring with Skoon? Rehiring with Skoon removes the need for significant upfront capital investment in clean energy assets. Rental companies can save costs and allocate their resources more effectively while still offering eco-friendly energy solutions to their customers.

5. How does Skoon ensure the right match for clean energy systems? Skoon’s platform allows rental companies to find the perfect clean energy products that match their customer base and regional requirements. The platform provides valuable data insights, enabling informed decisions for successful clean energy utilization.

6. Can rental companies cater to seasonal demand with Skoon’s rehiring? Absolutely! Skoon’s rehiring solution offers the flexibility to adapt to seasonal demand spikes for clean energy. Rental companies can access the necessary clean energy assets during peak periods, such as music festivals and events, ensuring a seamless power supply.

7. How does Skoon contribute to reducing carbon emissions at events like Primavera Sound Festival? Skoon’s rehiring solution played a pivotal role in Primavera Sound Festival’s sustainability efforts. By providing Morillo Energy with essential clean energy solutions through rehiring, carbon emissions were significantly reduced by 50%-60% during the event.

8. Can rental companies use Skoon’s platform for a wide range of clean energy projects? Yes, Skoon’s platform offers a diverse selection of clean energy solutions and products suitable for various projects, from powering festivals to temporary infrastructure and construction sites. Rental companies can find the right solutions for their customers’ specific needs.

9. How can rental companies get started with Skoon’s rehiring solution? Getting started with Skoon is simple. Rental companies can sign up for the platform, explore the wide range of clean energy options available, and make rehiring bookings to meet their project requirements. Skoon’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and efficient experience.

10. Does Skoon’s rehiring platform offer support and assistance to rental companies? Absolutely! Skoon’s dedicated support team is always ready to assist rental companies with any questions or concerns. From onboarding to managing rehiring bookings, our team ensures a seamless experience throughout the entire process.

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