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While environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial, ITV Studios is taking proactive steps to eliminate its carbon footprint. The use of energy on film sets usually accounts for 70% of the total carbon footprint and cracking the nut to how to decrease reliance on fossil fuels for power generation will be a major step towards reaching the netzero targets of 2030. 

ITV and Skoon have entered into an agreement to support all of ITV’s film and TV sets to transition to batteries, solar panels and hydrogen energy systems. Let’s provide a look into how that’s done: 

ITV was facing 3 challenges in moving away from diesel and towards sustainable energy use:

  1. Energy profile: Knowing their energy requirement for each production ahead of time and translating it to power needs on the different departments; 
  2. Finding the right system: Deciding on a mobile energy system set-up that fits the production’s power needs and meets specific requirements such as mobility and silence times on sets;
  3. Reporting: Reporting on the correct fuel and COsavings on production and global level, which is currently based on manual input. 

Fuel savings for the reality show Love Island

Over the course of two years, Skoon already supported ITV’s productions such as the Dutch and French editions of Love Island. As part of this support ITV got access to innovative technologies that facilitate the transition towards cleaner energy sources. With this project alone, 156,000 litres of fuel are saved per year by having a battery paired to the diesel generator. Read here how this set-up reduces fuel costs.

Read more about this project here.

Solving the three challenges

Now, the partnership is taking the step to scale the use of temporary clean energy globally by using Skoon’s technology to quickly turn film and TV project specific information into energy profiles. These energy profiles are generated based on existing data (such as kit list) from the production sets and are augmented with simulations based on data from the database of historic projects. 

Taking productions by the hand in the switch to clean and silent energy

The partnership is not all about data and energy reporting. Based on the previously conducted projects it was clear that support in the form of training and knowledge sharing is contributing to the success of every project. Skoon’s experts therefore contribute at every step, by joining in on project meetings where power demands are discussed. The room for support also allows for training and empowering ITV’s staff in using the software tooling to make decision on fitting power systems. Since every film set soon needs to make the switch to renewables, this is an important element in the partnership.

Read the full press release here.

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