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Skoon’s mission is to deliver smart, sustainable energy solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Recently, we provided a clean energy system to De Vries Stolwijk, a prominent civil engineering company based in Stolwijk, The Netherlands.  

After winning a tender with an innovative approach plan, De Vries Stolwijk faced several challenges in powering their construction site. Due to the need for a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy solution, they turned to Skoon. 

INDUSTRY: Construction

LOCATION: Leiden, Netherlands

The Project


The project with De Vries Stolwijk involves powering a construction site for the sustainable urban renewal of the Vogelwijk district in Leiden, Netherlands. The project includes sewer replacement and climate-adaptive redesign. 

This project spans 1.5 to 2 years and is our first project with De Vries Stolwijk. Our partner in this project is Volta Energy

The construction site has specific limitations regarding noise, emissions, and budget, necessitating a silent and green energy solution. Our task is to provide the right power for small construction equipment and welfare facilities on-site using a hybrid setup. The setup includes an integrated energy solution with a battery pack, foldable PV panels, and a backup diesel generator running on HVO.  

The challenge:

  • Noise Restrictions: Operating in a densely populated urban area means adhering to strict noise production limitations. 
  • Cost Efficiency: There is a need for a more cost-effective energy solution compared to traditional methods. 
  • Lack of Temporary Grid Connection: The site has no temporary grid connection available, complicating the power supply. 
  • Compliance with regulations: Securing a permit to start the construction site requires meeting specific environmental and operational standards set by the municipality of Leiden. 

The Process


To determine the best energy system for the De Vries Stolwijk construction site, Skoon analyzed the rental. This analysis is based on input from De Vries Stolwijk and Skoon’s Decision tool. Over time, the energy profile changed due to adjustments on the construction site. Through constant analysis of the energy profile, Skoon proposed the installation of a smaller battery system that fits better the project’s energy profile. 

We proposed a Volta 15 kVA hybrid energy solution. 

The solution

  1. Consultation and assessment: with one meeting at De Vries Stolwijk’s office, we assessed the site’s energy needs and constraints. We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and the challenges posed by the urban environment. 
  1. Customized hybrid solution: through our Decision tool, we selected a hybrid energy setup that integrates a battery pack, foldable PV panels, and a backup diesel generator running on HVO. This system provided by Volta ensures continuous power supply while minimizing noise and emissions. 
  1. Implementation: The hybrid system was installed on-site, providing reliable power for small construction equipment and welfare facilities. The foldable PV panels capture solar energy, while the battery packs store and supply power, with the diesel generator as a backup. 
  1. Monitoring and reporting: Our advanced online monitoring tool tracks energy consumption and system performance in real-time. Detailed reports on emissions and cost savings are generated, providing transparency and helping the client meet regulatory requirements. 
  • Decision tool: This fast deployment is only possible thanks to Skoon’s advanced decision tool, used to simulate the energy demand and match it to the right energy system. 
  • Monitoring and adjustments: Skoon’s online monitoring tools allow real-time tracking of energy consumption, with adjustments made to optimize efficiency. 
  • Reporting on successes: Every month, a detailed report on energy usage, cost savings, and accurate emissions reduction is provided to De Vries Stolwijk. 


The project is successfully meeting its objectives: 

  • Municipality-approved system: the energy system was approved by the municipality of Leiden, allowing the construction site to commence operations.  
  • Carbon savings: achieving nearly 100% reduction in CO2 emissions due to high solar yield.
  • Noise Reduction: the hybrid system’s operation is significantly quieter, complying with urban noise regulations. 
  • Cost Efficiency: the solution proves to be 42% more cost-effective than conventional energy sources based on diesel. 

Skoon's energy report for the project with De Vries Stolwijk and their construction site in Leiden.


The De Vries Stolwijk project in Leiden is a testament to how Skoon’s smart energy solutions can effectively power construction sites sustainably and efficiently. By leveraging our marketplace and advanced software tools, we help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, save costs, and meet regulatory requirements. 

Does your construction company face similar challenges?  

Explore how Skoon can power your projects sustainably and efficiently. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and discover the benefits of clean energy for your business.