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New vessel, old traditions

On March 16, 2022, Viking welcomed eight new river cruise ships to its fleet during a naming ceremony in Paris and Amsterdam. One of these vessels was the Viking Egdir, built specifically to tour the ancient Germanic heartlands of the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. Though the ceremony was in keeping with important maritime traditions that date back thousands of years, the naming event itself was anything but ancient. It was executed by connecting the vessels via satellite across Paris and Amsterdam. In addition to this high-tech ceremony, Viking put an emphasis on sustainability for all of its vessels. As such, Skoon was tasked with providing clean shore power for the Viking Egdir for after the naming ceremony.

Once all the traditions were concluded, the Viking Egdir was moored in the heart of Amsterdam as it awaited its passengers. For a little bit less than a week, the vessel was fully powered by means of a battery provided by Greener. The battery itself was charged via the local grid, operating in a fully electrical ‘peakshaving’ setup. Using this setup, the battery was able to cover peaks in power demand that the regular grid was not able to provide, ensuring clean shore power was given to the Viking Egdir before its maiden voyage.

In addition to providing additional power for intermittent peaks, the battery system actually prevented a blackout from occuring on-board due to failure of the local shore power connection ports.

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Greener Carmen

Main data

Nominal Capacity:336 kWh
Effective Capacity:268.8 kWh
Battery Type:NMC
Voltage:400 V AC
Weight:7.800 kg
Year Built:2019

Greener Carmen

This stand-alone energy solution comes in a 10ft container. This means it is ideal for peakshaving (for vessels), or as a power solution for events en construction sites.
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