Peakshaving @60Hz with diesel generator

Going the extra yard

In February 2022, a month after the purchase of the Skoonbox by Damen, the Skoonbox was employed at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam. Its purpose was to provide ‘peak shaving’ power to a large Ro-Ro cargo vessel with a power demand ranging from 150-200 kW. The vessel itself operated at a frequency of 60Hz, which was provided by a 300 kVA diesel generator onshore. The generator provided power to the Skoonbox, which in term provided power to the vessel.

Using this setup, the amount of running hours of the diesel generator was slashed by half. At the same time, fuel consumption was reduced as the generator can operate at a higher efficiency. These two factors combined result in significant cost and fuel saving benefits. For this project, a fuel reduction in the order of 20% was realized, which directly translates in similar emissions savings.

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Battery solution
Skoonbox 2 AC
Skoon Energy BV

Main data

Nominal Capacity:638 kWh
Effective Capacity:510.4 kWh
Battery Type:LFP
Voltage:400 V AC
Weight:20.000 kg
Year Built:2019

Skoonbox 2 AC

Skoonbox 2 AC delivers energy to users in alternating current. The battery comes with a 10 foot container for the conversion electronics. The container is the first mobile battery container certified for maritime use. At the moment, it is available in Amsterdam area, on a barge low enough to go through the canals.
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