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Maritime solutions


Vessels increasingly receive incentives for zero emission propulsion. This is possible with a Skoonbox, offering several hours of zero emission full electric propulsion.

Peak shaving

Operations with a variable energy demand can benefit from using a large battery. Peak-shaving will reduce costs, engine running hours and noise.

Shore power

Vessels at berth can now use large batteries for shore power. Ports in densely populated areas increasingly require quiet and zero emission alternatives. Skoonboxes offer a clean alternative.

The Platform

Skoon creates an optimal match between battery owners and users. With automated logistics, monitoring and charging, it provides all services for large-scale deployment of mobile energy.

Rent a Battery

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Battery sharing

The use of large batteries will become accessible when sharing it with others. The service of Battery Sharing takes care of all aspects of battery asset management. As a battery owner, our services gives access to new markets, making sure your asset is deployed efficiently.


Skoon Energy Consultancy

Companies that are eager to take part in the energy transition are often struggling how to pursue their ambition. Every journey starts with investigating opportunities and possibilities to use energy storage.


“Skoon, founded by two students of the Delft University of Technology. focusses on the large-scale electrification of ships’ propulsion via management of a battery sharing network and strategically located charging hubs with a 100% clean energy supply.”