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The first steps with hybrid setups

Experience the benefits of a hybrid system with a diesel generator and green battery. The generator serves as a backup energy supply and charges the battery when needed. When the battery is fully charged, the generator shuts off, conserving fuel and reducing emissions. The generator only runs when necessary, making it more efficient and cost-effective.
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Hybrid is a good first step towards clean energy


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Skoon helps energy users find battery systems, clean generators and hydrogen generators to power their projects sustainably. Skoon’s energy experts have years of experience in designing the right energy set-up to meet your specific needs.



Skoon’s marketplace has the largest number of verified battery suppliers on the marketplace. List your battery and get access to the vast network of energy users.


Energy expertise

Manage planning, operations and all live data in one place. With scalable rental management tools, you are ready to grow your business.


Energy reports

Report on your energy profiles, emission savings, cost savings, revenue and much more. With these insights your company will be positioned for success.

Energy experts

This is why we’re perfect for this industry

Skoon’s software platform translates your specific power needs into the right type of clean energy. With the right insights in availability and location, Skoon’s platform gives you direct access to the best energy systems in the market. Together we ensure you continue building your project without interruptions and continue to shape our society.

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    Energy tooling to help you decide

    Intuitive tools to help you determine your energy needs during the tender phase or just before you start your construction work. Skoon provides energy- and emission savings forecasts based on the available data of your construction site and the advanced models that run on data of previous projects.

    Skoon's Energy Reporting
    Live energy monitoring
    Clean energy monitoring platform
    Skoon energy monitoring tools
    Energy insights

    Access live data on your power usage, and other energy insights

    Before, during and after deploying energy systems at your project, data is involved. During and after your project you will receive comprehensive energy reports, so you can optimise and save costs.

    Mobile energy platform

    Every product is unique on its own, the real magic happens when you use them together

    Skoon’s software not only helps you find the right energy system to power your ambition. It also provides all the tools you need to book, manage and report on y0ur entire energy project.


    Book a fitting system, locally

    Wherever you are, there is always a fitting energy system available, locally. This saves costs and emissions, while making sure you are powered, always

    Skoon's Marketplace platform: rent or buy energy systems


    Make decisions, based on data

    Make decisions using large sets of data, from your and Skoon’s experience combined. This reduces the risk of blackouts or high rental costs.

    Your energy profile


    Everything in one place, finally

    Reporting on energy usage and costs from one place allows for much better insights. Finally, it is now possible to combine all information into one actionable reporting structure.

    Emissions monitoring system
    Skoon's Marketplace platform: rent or buy energy systems
    Your energy profile
    Emissions monitoring system

    All booking and energy data in one platform

    Your ambitious project deserves the best platform so using clean energy is simple and rewarding.


    Decision tool

    You want to compare all options so you can make an informed decision. Our tools can help.


    Energy report

    You look for tangible data on your energy usage, emission savings and cost savings. Our energy reports can help.


    Live monitoring

    Live monitioring insights and notifications to every colleague involved makes sure your ambitious project always has power.