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Hybrid generators

Experience the benefits of a hybrid system with a diesel generator and green battery. The generator serves as a backup energy supply and charges the battery when needed. When the battery is fully charged, the generator shuts off, conserving fuel and reducing emissions. The generator only runs when necessary, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Plus, using the battery to power low-to-medium loads for extended periods of time results in fewer GHG emissions and a quieter operation

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Some of our projects

Mobile green energy for charging aerial working platforms

For a construction projects without a grid connection Skoon selected a Volta Energy 15 kVA hybrid solar battery generator trailer combination to charge the aerial working platforms.

This hybrid setup is a 1:1 replacement for a 15 kVA diesel generator and can be easily towed to nearly any location with a van or large car, providing greater mobility and sustainability!

Silent power for a refugee shelter in Tiel

Due to the war in the Ukraine, many refugee shelters had to be set in various municipalities in the Netherlands to provide a first home to the refugees. 

After having fled your country you don’t want to live next to a constantly running diesel generator. With this hybrid set-up, Skoon reduced generator time with 80%

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Reality TV show in Gran Canaria

Film productions, like ITV Love Island, have set ambitious targets to transform their operations to net zero emissions.

A film set is like a small village, with food, water and electricity consumption. Mostly, they aren’t connected to a grid connection that is large enough to run a full fletched film production on.

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