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Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to create a booking report using Skoon Suite! As an owner of sustainable energy systems, eco-conscious project manager, or green energy professional, tracking and analyzing bookings is essential for understanding the impact of your renewable energy solutions on emission reductions and cost savings. Our comprehensive tutorial is designed to empower you to effectively utilize Skoon Suite’s robust features, enabling you to generate a detailed booking report with just a few clicks.

1. Go to a BOOKING

Make sure the booking is filled in correctly. The most important fields for a booking are the start and end date. Also make sure the products of the booking have the correct monitoring configured

2. Click on DOCUMENTS

The tab DOCUMENTS will lead you to the documents and reporting environment. Click on DOCUMENTS



4. Fill in the report details

Here you can fill in the report details. Add a title, description and explanation, which will be showed in the final report. Use the description to add details about the project. The explanation can be used to explain power profiles and the effect this has on metrics.

Fill in the report details

5. Edit the configuration

Add configuration details for the calculations of the report. You can add project specifics like the input power and costs. The battery costs are retrieved from the connected products in the booking, so make sure this is filled in correctly.


It is important to set the power input right when creating a booking. Other specifications can be edited afterwards, but the power input not. This is because this sets the rules for calculating fuel use.

Edit the configuration

6. Click on CONFIRM

Skoon automatically calculates fuel usage and savings, cost comparison and emissions. When you’re not happy with the automatic calculations, for example because you’re project has a special setup, you can overrule every field.

Click on CONFIRM