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Rotterdam, 17 May 2022 – Let’s take a moment to see how batteries can solve shore power shortages. Shore power is an electrifying topic which can be a costly endeavour for some ship owners and ports. Although it is expected to become mandatory in Europe by 2030, many steps have to be taken still, to implement shore power on a large scale.

Any solution begins with asking the right question.

How much power do you need?
What do you do if there is no shore power connection at your mooring location?
What if you cannot connect to the grid and you need to run a (onboard) diesel generator?
What if you are connected to the grid, but your available power or the shore cabinet is not big enough?
What if your vessel runs on 60Hz?
Does your vessel require a retrofit to be able to use shore power?

Do not worry. Skoon can help you with all these cases. Below are a few examples of the projects we have done in the past few months, for different clients, different vessel types and with different types of assets. Each situation has its own unique needs, and we know that your situation is certainly unique! Reach out to us if you need support with your case, or if you simply like to ask questions about your project. At Skoon, we are glad to help.

Project 1 – Peak shaving @60Hz with diesel generator – Skoonbox / 550 kVA – Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam: In February 2022, a month after the Skoonbox was purchased by Damen, the Skoonbox was employed at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam. Its purpose was to provide ‘peak shaving’ power to a large Ro-Ro cargo vessel with a power demand ranging from 150 to 200 kW. The vessel itself operated at a frequency of 60Hz, which was provided by a 300 kVA diesel generator onshore. The generator provided power to the Skoonbox, which in term provided power to the vessel.

How batteries solve shore power shortages

This setup is called Cycling. While the Skoonbox is continuously charging the vessel, the diesel generator is running at full power to fully charge the Skoonbox batteries. When the battery system is fully charged, the generator shuts down automatically and the Skoonbox provides stand-alone power to the vessel. After a while, the battery system is reaching its lower State of Charge (SoC) limit, signalling the diesel generator to start back up again to recharge the batteries. Using this setup, the number of running hours of the diesel generator was slashed by half. At the same time, fuel consumption was reduced as the generator can operate at a higher efficiency. These two factors combined resulted in significant cost and fuel-saving benefits. For this project, a fuel reduction of about 20% was realized, which directly translates into similar emissions savings.


Project 2 – Peak shaving on-grid – Greener Power Solutions/ 300 kW – Viking Egdir – Amsterdam: On March 16, 2022, Viking welcomed eight new river cruise ships to its fleet during a ceremony in Paris and Amsterdam. One of these vessels was the Viking Egdir, built specifically to tour the ancient Germanic heartlands of the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers.

Ancient traditions, high-tech execution. In addition to a high-tech ceremony, Viking put an emphasis on sustainability for all of its vessels. As such, Skoon was tasked with providing clean shore power for the Viking Egdir following the ceremony. The vessel was moored in the heart of Amsterdam as it awaited its first-ever passengers. As this is one of the largest inland river cruise vessels with a lot of equipment on board, the demanded power peaks can exceed the locally available shore power supply. Therefore, a battery system provided by Greener Power Solutions was used in a fully electrical ‘peak shaving’ setup.

Peak shaving at its finest. Using this setup, the battery system was able to cover peaks in power demand that the regular grid was not able to provide, ensuring clean shore power was given to the Viking Egdir before its maiden voyage. In addition to providing additional power for intermittent peaks, the battery system actually prevented a blackout on-board due to a short failure of the local shore power connection.


Project 3 – Enhancing shore power cabinet capabilities – F&L 100 kW – Rotterdam Noordereiland: From February until April 2022, Skoon Energy provided a battery system at the Maaskade on Noordereiland, on behalf of the Port of Rotterdam to strengthen the local shore power supply for inland vessels.

Mandatory use of shore power to protect the community from pollution and noise. In the city centre of Rotterdam, running an onboard generator is prohibited for moored inland vessels to avoid noise pollution and harmful emissions. Inland vessels are therefore obliged to use shore power facilities, but on a regular basis, some vessels require more power than the existing facilities can supply. This is causing tripped breakers and blackouts in the shore power cabinets. The battery system in peak shaving setup, to support these shore power cabinets, enables a higher power connection available to the moored vessels.


No more shore power blackouts. The regular connections in such shore power cabinets are limited to only 40A. By placing the battery as a peak shaver between the existing shore power cabinet and the inland vessel, the battery could increase the peak power up to 63A, wired through the same output plug connection. The trial proved successful as no blackouts were experienced, which was often the case when only 40A of power was available. In such a case, without the battery in between, the fuses would blow and the connected vessels would experience a power outage. Both that vessel and those coming afterwards would not be able to connect to the shore power until the repairs are done. Linking the battery system prevents this situation and also makes it possible to supply larger ships with shore power.


Not only inland vessels benefitted from the use of the battery system. Local residents on Noordereiland were also satisfied with this setup. There is less noise nuisance and smell of exhaust gasses at the quays when the vessel generators are shut down, resulting in a healthier living area.

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