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Unique project in Rotterdam
As part of the Smart Energy Systems subsidy, Skoon has finished a pilot at Royal Roos in Rotterdam. The purpose of the pilot was to demonstrate the use of flexible and mobile energy assets, in order to perform services on the grid stabilization market.

In this pilot, a mobile battery container from Rentabattery was used (the SG-10 manufactured by Smartgrid). Containing of a 200 kW battery in combination with an energy content of 500 kWh. The battery was stationed at Royal Roos for just 10 days, in the heart of an innovative maritime engineering company, also working on the realisation of shore power connections in the Rotterdam port.

The battery itself was remotely controlled by commands from Skoon, who in turn received instructions by an algorithm from Friday.Energy. In just a few seconds, the commands were sent via Smartgrid’s server to the battery, which then had the battery physically charged or discharged on site.

Daytrading on EPEX market
The battery was initially used to trade on the EPEX market, an energy imbalance market. This type of trading is also called arbitrage or daytrading. Daytrading on the energy market simply means buying electricity when the price is low and selling it when the price is high. The differences of pricing on the EPEX market lead to additional revenue for the energy system.

A novel way to support the electricity grid

Daytrading is by no means a new or unknown phenomenon, and has been happening to some extent since we had a grid in the first place. The novelty lies in the fact that it is now done with flexible mobile systems, which are rented out to different customers at unknown locations beforehand. Skoon’s online marketplace enables access to this additional revenue which helps stabilise the electricity grid and improve the ROI for energy systems. Hence, the battery used for this pilot is already stationed at a new location for another customer in need of clean energy.

The uncertainty of location can make it challenging for operators to work on the energy imbalance and grid services markets. Now, this is being solved by the consortium of partners connected to Skoon’s platform.This technical challenge, a combination of hardware and software, is not an overnight development. Having all these different organizations’ software work in harmony, proved challenging at times, which is why we invite all interested to join this collaborative development.

Preparing for the future
 of the electricity grid
This concept can now be scaled for other flexible energy solutions and locations in need. Resulting in savings on electricity consumption and a more stable electricity grid, while generating new revenue for energy system owners.

Strong shore power solutions for inland vessels

We are very proud of all the effort and work done by our partners. Having said that, we are looking forward to a future in which all involved and interested parties can work on the energy transition. Feel free to get in touch to contribute to and profit from the flexible electricity grid solutions. Together, we’re shaping a future where we can have clean energy, always.