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Sustainability is not a new concept for the film and entertainment industry. Large film production studios like Netflix, ITV and BBC have all committed to drastically reducing their CO2 emissions to net zero by 2030. Some of these media giants have made a commitment to power their operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. 

The film and TV industry is known for its ad hoc and fast-moving nature. Typically, production takes place in various locations, with all kinds of terrains and variations in equipment. Due to the dynamic nature of the industry, it requires mobile energy to power everything on and around the set. Until now, this was done using diesel-powered generators.

As diesel generators are fuel-based and fuel is easy to move around, they have an unlimited running capacity. However, besides the fact that exhaust gasses from diesel generators are extremely harmful to the environment and to ourselves, the ‘gennies’ also cause noise pollution. The alternative for noise has traditionally been to use long and inconvenient cable management.  With all that in mind, it’s a no-brainer that productions around the world now switch to a greener and silent alternative! 

Switching to a sustainable alternative means adapting the behaviours and responsibilities of people working with the systems. Within this time-pressured and constantly changing environment, moving to a new energy setup can be challenging. It is understandable that sustainability managers, responsible for the adoption of sustainable practices in all these productions, might have a hard time navigating within a dynamic and varying field of energy solutions. So how can we accomplish this sustainable mission?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you! At Skoon, we use our software and years of energy expertise to help the film industry select the right combination of sustainable energy systems for every production. There are much different battery, hydrogen and solar systems, that differ in size (how much power can they deliver), capacity (how long can they deliver that power) and reliability (what is their limit). Our Skoon Sharing platform decreases the time spent roaming around on Google to find the right, silent and reliable energy systems, instead, we give you the right answers to suit your needs with a click of a button. 

Skoon's marketplace platform for energy system rentals

With both your energy data and our data from all the energy systems that we have successfully brought to sets around Europe, we can forecast your required energy systems. With these data insights, we can provide energy and impact analysis, containing all the right figures to report on that ambitious target of net zero by 2030 in one simple overview. Our software makes it so easy, it can be generated at a click of a button. In this way, you have all the data from your clean energy rentals in one simple and understandable overview, even if they come from different suppliers and systems. 

So where can we get started? Contact us with your upcoming energy challenge and let’s power your production!