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The event industry is working towards reducing emissions and fighting climate change by setting new ambitious goals.

Not every city is designed to accommodate large events, resulting in a lack of energy to power the event. In addition, due to restrictive legislation and resistance from the municipality,  diesel generators are not an optimal solution for events due to their negative impact on transportation, logistics, and public health.

Instead of using a diesel generator, green batteries were used to power the necessary systems during events.

Using green batteries instead of a diesel generator helps to address the lack of energy in the city centre during events while also addressing concerns about transportation, logistics, and public health. It also promotes environmental sustainability by using a renewable energy source and bypassing restrictive legislation and resistance from the municipality.

Some of our projects

Clean power for running events

The city of Nijmegen is banning diesel generators from the city center. However, for the7 heuvelen run mobile power was needed.

Read here how this running event ran on 100% clean power

Clean mobile power in the middle of Amsterdam

Our customer Nomi was notified by the grid operator that their grid reinforcement was delayed with fourteen weeks or more, just before the restaurant wanted to open their doors.

Read here how Skoon filled in this gap in the grid with clean and silent power.

Silent power for a refugee shelter in Tiel

Due to the war in the Ukraine, many refugee shelters had to be set in various municipalities in the Netherlands to provide a first home to the refugees.

After having fled your country you don’t want to live next to a constantly running diesel generator.

See here how Skoon helps to provide silent temporary power