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Mobile electricity as the solution in a time of need

The Ukrainian / Russian war is devastating the Ukrainian population. An estimation goes as far as, stating that at least 12 million people have fled their homes, of which 5 million fled to neighbouring countries (link). Only in the Netherlands, 70K refugees have arrived recent months. Due to the rapid occurrence, this event led to an ‘asylum-crisis’ as reporters would love to call it. Simply said, regular shelter facilities are (almost) fully occupied (link). Of course, this triggered Dutch and EU country values and thereby activated the Dutch Government, municipalities, and many other organizations to setup temporary facilities and solutions.

A key challenge in this is supplying the need for energy for remote locations. Leading to the question; “How do you get enough energy in one place for dozens of families, especially in wintertime?”

The most common solution is using large diesel generators on-site. Whereas this solves the energy need, it leaves you with a heap of other issues. Generators consume a copious amount of diesel fuel – which is prohibitively expensive at the moment – and require refueling while producing a significant amount of dangerous emissions and air pollution. But, even more important, generators produce a lot of noise. This nuisance to the families – and often to neighbouring Dutch families living in close – is unacceptable.

The question is; “how do you supply enough (stable) energy, while being as silent and affordable as possible?”

The solution is a ‘hybrid one’

The city of Gemeente Tiel reached out to Skoon for solving the issue. In close collaboration with the Skoon partner ecosystem, a temporary energy solution was provided. Supporting up to 15 Ukrainian families simultaneously. The solution for this in more technical terms is a ‘battery-generator-grid hybrid solution’. Turning out as the most (cost) efficient and effective solution available on the market today.

Technically speaking, a ‘battery-generator-grid hybrid solution’ works as follows; for a short period of time, a 220 kVA diesel generator charges a 200 kW / 500 kWh battery system. When the battery is fully charged, the diesel generator shuts down completely and therefore stops consuming highly expensive diesel / generating noise pollution. The battery in the same solution supplies power for the (fifteen) temporary homes supporting the Ukrainian families. The capacity of the battery is enough to power all of the homes simultaneously for several hours, a day, or even more, depending on the temperature outside. In addition to the generator, serving as the main power supply, a connection to the electricity grid (providing 50 A) continuously charges the battery. Ultimately, reduces the fuel consumption of the hybrid solution by a significant amount.

A good night’s sleep – as we all deserve

The hybrid solution ensures a reliable source of energy, while the generator can supply energy, even if the battery is running low.

In Tiel’s case, the hybrid was set up on the same day as requested. Next to significant operational benefits – and a short time frame to set this up – a hybrid solution can significantly reduce costs for both the suppliers and users. Simply because the generator runs much more efficient way and therefore requires significantly fewer running hours. Resulting in (up to) 80% reduced fuel consumption, and in consequence, emissions.

While the families are in an area close to a school, with neighbouring local families in proximity, this would normally result in significant sound disturbances. However, the hybrid solution ensures the number of running hours is reduced to an absolute minimum. On top of that, the schedule on which the generator is allowed to run can be adjusted remotely based on specific needs. An example, when the students of the neighbouring high school have exams, the generator can be timed to only run outside the exam hours, further reducing any form of potential disturbance.

Perhaps most important, all families living close to the hybrid are assured of a good night’s sleep. The solution is now ‘happily’ awaiting the arrival of its first Ukrainian families. Our hope is that we can many more families with a reliable energy source during the coming winter months.

And ultimately, we would love to go one step further and also help you tackle your energy problems and needs!

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