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Your rental powered by energy reporting data

Get access to your fuel, CO2 and cost savings of all the energy systems in your project through our clean energy reporting software. Use these insights to continuously optimise your clean energy usage and automate your ESG reporting based on real life data.
Energy reporting for rental projects

Automatically get insight into energy and cost saving metrics

Get insight into your positive impact based on a summary of your real life project data. Our energy reporting software shows insights into reduction of runtime, fuel & cost reductions and provides important information to optimise your (next) energy project.

Energy reporting software output: savings KPI's
Set up of energy reporting software: adding and configuring your clean energy sources.
Compare against different energy set-ups

Compare and see the benefits

Compare your results with any conventional situation, such as a diesel generator and convince every stakeholder to choose sustainable energy.

Continuously improve based on energy data

Improve based on your energy profile

Your energy profile has vital insights on potential improvements. Has your diesel generator been running in parallel with your battery for multiple hours? Or are you using less energy thAn expected? We provide you with optimisation options to further reduce your fuel use, costs and increase sustainability.

Profile of your energy use

All booking and energy data in one platform

Your ambitious project deserves the best platform so using clean energy is simple and rewarding.


Decision tool

You want to compare all options so you can make an informed decision. Our tools can help.


Energy report

You look for tangible data on your energy usage, emission savings and cost savings. Our energy reports can help.


Live monitoring

Live monitioring insights and notifications to every colleague involved makes sure your ambitious project always has power.