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Emergency Aid

Silent and reliable energy for all, always.

In the case of natural disaster, a forest fire, or other types of emergency situations, the energy infrastructure is often affected. Mobile power will help communities to restore their damage and to provide power for important facilities such as shelters or hospitals. Solar generators and mobile batteries from 5-500kVA. Silent and independent of diesel.

In addition, logistics are often hampered as well, meaning that relying on fossil fuels is not an optimal solution. Silent and clean energy systems with built in solar panels to recharge and a back-up generator are a reliable alternative to help communities get back on their feet.

As fuel prices have reached record highs and are currently volatile, it is cost-intensive to rely on a diesel generator. Clean energy systems offer a cost-efficient and sustainable alternative for a range of construction applications, from charging small hand tools to powering an entire construction site.

Clean energy systems provide a flexible, zero-emission energy source for construction projects. Clean energy systems also have the added benefit of data collection, to be used for reporting on your fiuel, costs, Nox and CO2 savings. In addition to being cost-effective and sustainable, cable healthier and silent work environment.

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