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In May 2023, an inspiring event took place, dedicated to educating children about climate change and nurturing their love for the environment. One of the key contributors to the event’s success was the adoption of a clean battery system from Skoon’s marketplace, supplied by our partner Rent a Battery. By replacing a traditional diesel generator, this accessible clean energy system provided clean power throughout the three-day event, aligning perfectly with its purpose of sustainability.

Powering Sustainability: 

The chosen battery system was used in a peak shaving set up, to serve as a back up to the existing grid connection. The impact of such a system extends far beyond this event, as it was demonstrating the potential for clean energy to young children.

Unlocking Clean Energy Solutions: 

Are you interested in incorporating clean mobile power into your own projects? Skoon’s marketplace offers the most complete range of clean energy systems tailored to your specific needs. Our data-driven selection tools make it easy to find the ideal option for your project, while also providing insights into the cost and emission savings. Explore the possibilities on our marketplace or connect with our energy experts for personalized support.

By embracing clean mobile power systems, we can revolutionize the way our society is powered and contribute to a cleaner future. The success of this childrens event serves as a testament to the impact of clean energy systems. 

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Let’s work together for a sustainable future!