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The easiest way to decide your clean energy

The decision tool empowers you to select the best fitting clean temporary energy for your project. Run different scenarios, make full emission comparisons, and get direct insights into cost reductions.
Build your energy profile

Now everyone can choose clean energy based on data

Empower and train everyone to create energy profiles. Forget complex modelling in excel and use different types of data from your project’s data enrich this with simulation based on similar project to find the best fitting energy to power your project.

Skoon Decision Tool: Choose your energy profile
Decide on your clean energy: Results from decision tool
Decide on your clean energy

Choose from your matches

Get clean energy recommendations based on your project’s power need and available energy sources. You can book this system on the marketplace or pick one from your own fleet.

Instant emission and cost insights

Forecast cost and environmental benefits

Skoon uses the energy profile to calculate the running cost of the chosen clean energy set-up. Compare this against your conventional solution, determine compliance with environmental laws and make informed decisions based on data.

Forecast cost and environmental benefits with Skoon's decision tool

All booking and energy data in one platform

Your ambitious project deserves the best platform so using clean energy is simple and rewarding.


Decision tool

You want to compare all options so you can make an informed decision. Our tools can help.


Live monitoring

Live monitioring insights and notifications to every colleague involved makes sure your ambitious project always has power.


Energy report

You look for tangible data on your energy usage, emission savings and cost savings. Our energy reports can help.