Cut expenses through peakshaving

Cut back your expenditure through efficient peak shaving

During construction work around the Hofvijfer, a battery provided by Skoon substantially helped in reducing diesel waste. The installed Skoontrailer was connected to the diesel aggregate that powered the worker’s hangar and this hybrid system provided an efficient solution to optimize the use of the energy generated by the aggregate. The battery would, from that point on, absorb excess power for later usage which would otherwise be wasted.

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Battery solution
Skoon Energy B.V.

Main data

Nominal Capacity:32 kWh
Effective Capacity:28.8 kWh
Battery Type:LFP
Voltage:400 V AC
Weight:750 kg
Year Built:2019


This Skoontrailer can be booked for small construction sites, filmsets and other applications looking for a silent clean energy solution.
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